Wednesday, 3 June 2015

“Xenophobia Where are you?”

As a poetry and art lover. I recently visited one of the biggest poetry houses in Jo’burg, WordnSound poetry slam.

 The poetry community would tell stories on how this is one of the biggest poetry stages of them all, literally and figuratively. A “slam” otherwise known as a poetry competition. Poets perform more for the title of being known as word n sound slam champ than they do for the prize money. That’s how big word n sound is.

For me this recent event, a bit more preparation could have been done. From the technical aspect to some of the poets who looked like they only got the memo the morning of the event. Guys respect the audience. We understand minor glitches but we cannot be waiting for you to fix the mic after every performance.  So please, respect!

Moving on to the good, funny and memorable things that happened. We really should give props where props are due. I must say there are poets out there who are just talented. It’s as if they stole some of it from the other performers. I feel like some people do not understand the seriousness of being on the Word N Sound stage. You need to know your story, well in this case your craft, before getting on that stage.

Key performances that made my experience one to remember was from the likes of Raymond, Zizipho and Assassin. And Zewande Bhengu, who delivered a heartfelt performance about xenophobia that I know I will never forget.

“Xenophobia where are you?”
“I’m here baba!”

On the topic of xenophobia; Nhlahla, one of contestants, also tackled the xenophobia topic but I doubt the response was one that he expected. Nhlahla decided he will bend the rules a bit and turn what was suppose to be a solo performance into a duo. Nhlahla alongside his accomplice decided to personify xenophobia, but not in the figurative sense. Unfortunately their attempts were more comical than they anticipated. I guess every topic has some humour to it. Well after that performance I believe anything is possible in the mind of a poet.

To be honest Word N Sound never disappoints. the show was really beautiful. Cannot wait for the next show until then…

In word n sound we trust.